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ics corsair: See my answer. corsair: And we dont know why it doesnt work, so please pastebin the output. @beks i can't even get command line to work on this bad boy in fact i couldn't even install it correctly that's why i'm here @beks i am going to make it to the server, one min after two failed attempts to install it, and having some weird errors when i did so if you can help it would be greatly appreciated corsair: What is "it"? bekks, the ubuntu image you see in the imgur link corsair: which ubuntu image? the links i provided corsair: Which links? corsair: And whats the output of "uname -a" in a pastebin please. lucas: Dont read anything off AskUbuntu. They dont know. They dont have to. well.. there's a lot of stuff in that page.. lucas: They dont. We do.




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Convert Ed2k Link To Torrent roseld

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