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Picture this: the sun-kissed shores, the rhythmic beats of reggae, the lush landscapes, and the vibrant culture of Jamaica. It's not just a tropical paradise; it's a dream destination for travelers seeking adventure and relaxation. Now, imagine all of that coming together in a spectacular celebration of life and culture. This is exactly what's on the horizon as City Festivals prepares to launch upcoming destination events in Jamaica in partnership the Jamaica Tourist Board. Let's delve into this exciting partnership and what it means for the future of destination events in the land of 'One Love.'

The Perfect Destination

City Festivals, known for its expertise in creating unique and immersive event experiences, will join hands with the Jamaica Tourist Board to bring a new level of excitement to the island. This partnership is founded on a shared vision: to showcase the rich culture, natural beauty, and warm hospitality that Jamaica is famous for. Together, they aim to create destination events that will leave a lasting mark on visitors.

What to Expect

  • Cultural Extravaganza: Jamaica's culture is a vibrant mosaic, shaped by its rich history. The upcoming events will feature an array of cultural performances, from reggae music and dancehall to traditional Jamaican folklore. Attendees can expect to immerse themselves in the island's artistic and musical heritage.

  • Gastronomic Delights: Jamaican cuisine is a tantalizing blend of flavors and influences. Guests will have the opportunity to savor the island's culinary treasures, from jerk chicken to ackee and saltfish, served with a side of warm, tropical hospitality.

  • Natural Wonders: Jamaica's natural beauty is a sight to behold. Event attendees will have the chance to explore the island's picturesque landscapes, from its world-famous beaches to lush rainforests, creating opportunities for unforgettable adventures.

  • Local Artisans and Entrepreneurs: The events will provide a platform for local artisans, entrepreneurs, and vendors to showcase their crafts and products, encouraging economic growth and supporting the community.

  • Community Engagement: City Festivals and the Jamaica Tourist Board are committed to fostering positive community engagement, ensuring that the events have a lasting, positive impact on local residents.

How to Get Involved

If you're eager to be part of these remarkable destination events in Jamaica, here's how you can get involved:

  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on City Festivals' and the Jamaica Tourist Board's official websites and social media channels for updates on event dates and locations.

  • Plan Your Visit: Start planning your trip to Jamaica, considering the event dates, accommodations, and activities you'd like to enjoy during your stay.

  • Participate as a Vendor: If you're a local artisan, entrepreneur, or vendor, interested in exploring opportunities to participate and showcase your products or services at the events get in contact with City Festivals.

  • Spread the Word: Help promote the upcoming destination events by sharing the news with friends, family, and fellow travelers who might be interested in experiencing Jamaica's cultural richness.

City Festivals and the Jamaica Tourist Board's collaboration promises to bring a touch of magic to the Caribbean, as they unite to create exceptional destination events. This partnership is not just about entertainment; it's about celebrating Jamaica's culture, promoting community engagement, and offering visitors a one-of-a-kind experience in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. So, if you're ready for an adventure filled with music, food, culture, and natural beauty, keep your eyes peeled for the official event announcements.

Orlando, FL - Oct 29,2023 - The highly anticipated Diner en Blanc Orlando is set to make its grand return, captivating the city with its unparalleled elegance and magical ambiance. Beyond the spectacle and glamour of the dinner itself, this extraordinary event brings together guests from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for refined taste and a love of beauty.

Inspired by the elegance and grandeur of high French society, Le Dîner en Blanc recreates the ambiance of a bygone era, where guests engage with one another in an atmosphere of splendor and sophistication. The event, known for its all-white dress code and secret location, adds an element of delightful surprise and exclusivity, creating an unforgettable experience for attendees.

City Festivals Founder, Tashima Johnson, has been announced as one of host for this year's Diner en Blanc Orlando. "Diner en Blanc Orlando is more than just a dinner; it's a celebration of culture, connection, and the beauty of our city," stated Tashima Johnson. "I am honored to be a part of this extraordinary event, which brings people together in an elegant and inclusive setting, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for the finer things in life."

Guests can mark their calendars and save the date for this unique event, which will take place on October 29th. The secret location, carefully selected to provide a picturesque backdrop, will be unveiled to ticketholders shortly before the event, adding an element of anticipation and excitement. As the evening unfolds, attendees will indulge in delectable cuisine, fine wine, and entertainment that perfectly complement the elegance and sophistication of the event. With each moment carefully crafted to create a truly enchanting atmosphere, Diner en Blanc Orlando promises an evening of unforgettable memories and extraordinary experiences.

Tickets for Diner en Blanc Orlando are limited and in high demand. To secure a place at this magnificent affair, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the official website at and register for the waiting list.

About Diner en Blanc Orlando: Diner en Blanc Orlando is an annual event that brings together guests in the spirit of elegance, refinement, and cultural unity. Inspired by the prestigious French tradition, the event creates an atmosphere of glamour and enchantment, where guests dressed in all-white attire gather at a secret location for an extraordinary dining experience. Diner en Blanc Orlando celebrates the love of beauty, good taste, and the joy of sharing a magical evening with like-minded individuals. For more information, please visit

About City Festivals: City Festivals is an event management and production company dedicated to creating memorable and unique experiences. With a passion for curating exceptional events that celebrate culture, community, and creativity, City Festivals strives to bring people together and inspire a sense of joy and wonder. For more information, please visit

Photo credits: Macbeth Studios

The 2023 AfroCAN Kid CEOs of the yeatAFROCAN KIDS 2023 were Anna of Annas Bracelets & Antonio of Tony"s Tea they are the (2) winners from a group of exceptional young entrepreneurs who have demonstrated remarkable creativity, innovation, and business acumen at a tender age. These budding entrepreneurs, ranging from ages for 6 to 16, have not only developed unique business ideas but have also successfully executed their ventures, making a significant impact in their respective industries.

The two winners received a check as a prize for their exceptional presentation during the workshop events, each Kid CEO had the opportunity to showcase their business concept, accomplishments, and future plans through engaging and insightful presentations. The presentations were designed to captivate the audience, consisting of industry experts, investors, mentors, and fellow aspiring young entrepreneurs.

The Kid CEO presentations were a blend of informative content, and persuasive storytelling. Each young entrepreneur shared their journey, highlighting the challenges they faced, lessons learned, and the strategies they employed to overcome obstacles. Moreover, they showcased the positive impact their businesses have had on their communities, emphasizing their commitment to social responsibility.

The event provided a platform for the Kid CEO participants to receive recognition for their achievements and valuable feedback for improvement from industry professionals. The presentations served as an inspiration for other young aspiring entrepreneurs, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and believe in their ability to make a difference at a young age.

Overall, the Kid CEO winners and their presentations showcased not only their impressive entrepreneurial skills but also their passion, dedication, and leadership qualities, making it a truly inspiring and memorable event.

Photo & Video credits to: Tash Johnson & LinaPlans

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