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This year the 2020 Vegan Gourmet Food Festival was MC'd by local "Vegan Star" Marcus Watts from Pod cast " The Vegan Transition" !!! Marcus is Sustainable Fitness Coach, former Professional Basketball Player, and motivational speaker. After having a near death experience (two blood clots) , Marcus made a life changing decision to become vegan.

He is currently an advocate for the vegan community. You could get more updates from his social medial page -Facebook

And Pod cast- Vegan Transition

On behalf of City Festivals we would like to say Thank You , again for being a great host for this year's event.

We are so pleased to see last Saturday's Florida Vegan Gourmet Food Festival featured in University of Tampa's The Minaret Campus Newspaper!

Thank you student journalist, Emily Banaitis for joining us at this year's fest and highlighting it with the University of Tampa's student body!

Check out her article by clicking the link:

Exclusive interview with local Vegan Restaurants all geared up ready for this year's 2020 Vegan Gourmet Food Festival on NBC: Day Time!!!!!

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