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A Vegan Feast on a Farm is coming this August 1st!

The Florida Vegan Gourmet Food Fest returns to Tampa Bay this summer kicking off on Sunday, August 1st, 2021!

"This year, we are bringing the vegan food fest to the farm for a rustic one-with-nature experience as we continue to explore new spaces while highlighting the essence of community" says Tash Johnson with City Festivals, the Event Organizers. From Vegan Soul Food to Vegan Caribbean Cuisine, Vegan Latino Dishes, Vegan Italian, Vegan Brazilian, there will be a diverse array of options for every palate! As an educational experience, the fest also welcomes guests to learn from local chefs through cooking demonstrations teaching how to prepare traditional dishes - vegan style, including an American-creole fave, "Jambalaya" presented live on stage by Louisiana Chef Monique of Duality Vegan Cafe. A celebration of wellness that goes beyond dining "well", the event will host wellness workshops for guests to embrace inner peace including a sound bowl experience hosted by Energy Healing Spiritualist, The Zen Elephant, yoga and meditation sessions by Maisha Yoga, and also feature a market-place with a variety self-care, holistic, and vegan-friendly products that support local small businesses. To make the evening more exciting, patrons will enjoy live music, as well fun activities throughout the evening including a Blindfold Food Tasting Contest and a chance to win tickets to Universal Studios sponsored by Mor TV. The Florida Vegan Gourmet Food Festival will be hosted in the Town N' Country area at Sweet Water Organic Farm from 3p- 7p proudly supporting local bay area small business vendors. The celebration also raises awareness about Sweet Water Organic Farm, as a local non-profit organization and community farm. For more information on the Florida Vegan Gourmet Food Festival, To keep up to date on event announcements, follow us on FB at


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