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Savor the Tropic postponed due to COVID 19

To you our valued patrons and partner:

As you all have come to realize our global community has been under great distress with the recent outbreak of COVID 19. As a result, the CDC is calling for a cancellation of mass gatherings in the coming weeks to mitigate the transmission of this virus from person to person and aid in flattening the curve.

As a community organization, we stand by these guidelines outlined by the CDC with the best interest of public safety including your health as priority.

While this is a challenging time for us all, this too shall pass. We look forward to its passing and having you all join us in a further month when we can finally celebrate Savor the Tropics, our other annual events, and bring back the joy of entertainment and social events in our community.

Thank you for cooperating with us during these unprecedented times! A new date of the event will be better determined once the Stay At Home Order has been lifted.


Team City Festivals


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