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Thousands come out to explore Vegan Gourmet Cuisine

The Florida Vegan Gourmet Food Festival

Contributor: Maxine Harrell

Tampa, FL., July 27, 2019Florida Vegan Gourmet Food Festival welcomed vegan and non-vegan people alike to enjoy meals, snacks, desserts, jewelry, apparel, and lifestyle equipment on behalf of over 40 vendors. Guests had an amazing time learning about the vegan lifestyle, observing informative chef demonstrations, participating in yoga and meditation sessions, and relaxing on the lawn with family and friends on a sunny day at the USF Botanical Gardens.

At the beautifully natural venue, guests kicked off the event with a cooking demonstration by Good Mood Foods about making Sunday Football style appetizers followed by Chef Hazel with Better Me Foods with her Vegan Quinoa Bowls.

Instructor Mitchell of Maisha Yoga led highly popularized Hot Yoga in the private meditation area of the event. Guests focused on their Zen and became one with their surroundings in between filling their bellies with the hidden food gems in the vivacious area of the event during three different sessions throughout the evening.

The All-Access area featured complimentary hors d’oeuvres from Ciccio Cali - New Tampa, tasty refreshers from Topo Chico and wine in the private Bamboo Lounge with their recyclable and BPA-free City Festivals souvenir cup in addition to a sample package of Orgain Organic and Plant-Based protein shake powder created by cancer survivor and doctor, Dr. Andrew Abraham.

The festival kept its promise to create awareness for the benefits of the vegan lifestyle by having Dr. Angelo S Morini with Anutra Grain help dispel false rumors about low protein in plant-based diets through educating the attendees about plant-based omega-3s.

The DJ serenaded festival-goers with trendy chill music while attendees hung out picnic-style in the grass with blankets and goodies all day long. Later that evening, guests enjoyed a special treat of jazz selection by talented trumpeter and performer, Caleb Joseph. Our 8 o’clock raffle was a big hit including a spontaneous dance-off with some of the happy kids attending the event.

The event ended with demonstration by Pastry Chef Sarah of Gaia Donuts on making the perfect Pinterest-ready cake with all-natural toppings. Guests loved the instructional demo about how to make vegan banana pudding by Chef Anthony Dunlop of Roving Chef Logistics. The free samples were awesome too!

The organizers are so honored to have been able to put together an event which showcases the awesome nature of the vegan lifestyle as well as to make steps towards bringing the community together through understanding and embracing what may be unfamiliar for some.


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